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The Girlfriend Activation System: How to Approach a Woman

Girlfriend Activation System

Approaching girlfriend material women is not as difficult as it may seem, especially using the Girlfriend Activation System.

Firstly, know what a GFAS woman really wants. Here are 5 basic rules for approaching a girl you want to be your girlfriend:

  1. She’s so hot that you’ve only got one shot!
  2. The GFAS girl always knows what’s happening when you approach them. They generally know how to read your body language. If you are anxious, they’ll pick this up in your awkwardness.
  3. They want you to make an approach. Approaching a GFAS woman shows how confident and comfortable you are in being yourself.
  4. The woman is self-assured with high self-respect and expect to be respected. Anything other than this and you’re out the door quick smart.
  5. High quality women enjoy engaging, interesting and intelligent conversation.

The single most important thing to learn for approaching a woman with he Girlfriend Activation System is to get over your fear, make an approach and start a conversation. If you are one of those guys who gets an anxiety attack or simply dreads the thought of another rejection every time you are preparing to go out looking for a potential date: There’s no need to fear or be clueless, the art of approach is a skill that can be quickly and easily mastered, soon enough you’ll learn how to activate the girlfriend in any girl you wish.

Now, for the best conversation opener…


This is the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for. You may feel a sudden rush that overwhelms you. It’s as though you’re skydiving towards the earth…

The moment of validation is at hand. When you’re in this state it is easy to be blinded by all those expectations that you have of what you’re going to say, what you’re going to do, and what you want to have happen. Stop. Think. And breathe.

Here are 3 powerful tips that will help you approach a GFAS woman with ease and confidence:

1. Engage her with a smile. When you approach with a smile, you are showing how approachable you are. A smile puts the woman at ease, and makes her feel comfortable with you approaching her. Never approach her with a straight look on your face. This will put her at dis-ease. The key is to have her feeling comfortable and friendly around you. And I’m sure that you’d like it if she were to smile back at you when you approach her. Picture this:

Your friend Jack is walking down the footpath when he sees you coming towards him – Jack: (walking up to you smiling) “Hi …, haven’t seen you for a while. How’s it going?”
You: (backing away, avoiding eye contact) “Fine, fine.”

Jack: “What’s up… are you OK?”
You: (dropping your newspaper, scrambling for those loose pages, getting up and looking quickly past Jack as you shift from one foot to the other) “Yeah, sure, I’m fine.”
Jack: “You seem a little distracted.”

You: (stepping back, finally looking at Jack) “No, No, I’m really okay (heavy sigh) I’m just… great… (looking off into the distance). “Yeah, great…”

From this scenario you can see how Jack is feeling really uncomfortable with the approach that has been made. The key to the art of approach is choosing the right way to make an approach and staying focused on the girl you have approached. The Girlfriend Activation System is all about is all about patience, something really highlighted in this Girlfriend Activation System Review.

2. Get her to laugh. This is so much more effective than trying to come up with a hot pick up line. When you approach a woman, make it fun, flirt a little, and when she is relaxed enough in your company to laugh, she will be more open to you, giving you time to converse in good conversation and build the attraction between you both. David Tian of The Social Man really emphasises this within the program.

3. Approach the woman without fear. Now this is easy. If you are anxious, simply begin approaching women with the intent of practicing making an initial approach. This then takes the pressure off you to “get the date” and allows you to relax and engage and enjoy the conversation with her. And when you’re comfortable with this, you may be surprised to find out that you’ve successfully moved onto being confident enough to ask her out without too much effort and without anxiety.

Another thing you need to be aware of is how long or short should a conversation be? As long as it needs to be and as short as possible. What happens during the opening of a conversation is that the woman is scanning for relevant information. Remember: she’s been evaluating you ever since she saw you. And you’re being sized up as a potential dating prospect. How you converse with the her is the most crucial aspect in the art of approach. It’s here where you seal the deal or get given your walking ticket. And obviously GFAS is all about sealing the deal. So the better you get at making an approach, being able to relate to her and holding her in conversation, the more dating success you’ll have.

Now, as far as conversing goes, it must be compelling enough to influence her to open up to a possibility that she hasn’t considered yet – Dating YOU! You would obviously like to activate the girlfriend within her. It’s at this critical point where marketing and negotiating skills come into play. What this involves is having the ability to effectively and accurately identify with her specific desires.

Ok… you’re going to need a practical example here… And don’t worry The Girlfriend Activation System gives dozens… Let’s use a woman you may be familiar with. We all know at least one woman (like your mates mother) who just can’t resist buying shoes, handbags, or jewelry. Start asking questions of this woman, finding out everything there is to know about why she has an insatiable desire for say, ‘shoes’. What you are learning to do here is to identify with this particular woman and pin point her specific desire for shoes. Ask other women too. You may find out that there are some common similarities in their answers and/or some differences. This exercise is a valuable asset in getting inside a woman’s head and for connecting with her. Think not like a man. Think like a woman, you’ll be on your way in no time.

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