The Ultimate Guide to Daygame

…or How You Can Get a Neverending Stream of Sweet, Delicious Poosay Into Your Life… Without Ever Setting Foot Into a Bar Or a Club!

Hi guys I just felt like typing this up for some reason. I got so much out of this place and I would like to give something back. I dont really consider myself a pro at daygame but I would say I’m a solid intermediate I can pull bangs consistently off the streets and if I put in the work I can get hot girls (8 and above) too. I have done daygame for years and over time I have developed a simple A-Z system that works for me, so maybe it can work for you too. Theres not too many quality resources on daygame and a lot of white spots you have to figure out yourself so I hope this can help as a little shortcut. If youre a grizzled veteran this is probably nothing mindblowing for you but for the raw rookie it might be helpful.

Why Daygame?

I was attracted to daygame right from the start since I’m an introvert and I dont really enjoy clubs and bars. I have pulled from those venues too but I’m not a big drinker yet I always drink too much when I go out for sarging and it fucks up my next day. Its not cool when youre nursing your hangover all day and cant workout and cant get any work done. Im too old for this shit, really. Also my nightgame is terrible.

So daygame is a lot nicer IF you live in a good place (see location, location, location…) and the weather is good. Just grab some ice cream, stroll through the city and mack on every hot girl you see. Its free, you get a workout and you dont have to sit around in dingy bars. Sounds alot better than nightgame, doesnt it? The downside is in winter youre pretty much screwed, not much fun trolling the streets when its freezing outside.

I also found I can get a bigger variety of girls from daygame. Im really into exotic types, like middle-eastern, asian, black and so on and you dont meet them often in the typical student type places I frequent. Also Ive pulled girls that hardly go out to clubs so it opens up a lot of variety for you.

The Basics

First of all I believe you should have your basics in check. The skill component in this whole game thing is not so important I believe, its pretty much all about looks, confidence and playing the numbers. The better your looks, the better your numbers. So you should at least look presentable, work out regularly for good posture… the confidence part is harder to get down but will come with experience and positive reference points after a while.

In a club you have dim lights and girls are drunk so you can get away with more but in broad daylight they will judge you with one quick look and decide if they even want to talk to you or not. So again, work out (get those squats and deadlifts in, plus some curls for the girls), have some clean clothes and look presentable. This is some basic shit but I used to go out dressed like a bum and then wonder why girls would run away so I’m mentioning it here. You dont need anything fancy, I usually wear sneakers, jeans and some v-neck shirts.

Getting over AA

AA in daygame is real and it can be really tough. When I started out doing my first direct approaches I nearly puked from fear and thats no joke! I went skydiving at some point and the fear  I experienced from jumping out of a tiny airplane in 4000 meters above ground was comparable in intensity! Its nuts. There are lot of theories around why you get AA but it doesnt really matter, the question is how do you get over it?

The answer is simple you just do it! Im a huge fan of Captain Jack and he puts it this way “there is no thing physically blocking you from going over to the girl and saying whatever you want to say” so the only thing holding you back is you psyching yourself out. So you just gotta make a decision and then do it. It gets easier with time as you realize that nothing really bad happens. Its either one of three outcomes: 1) The girl likes you and is receptive to the approach 2) The girl is neutral (can go both ways, Ive banged girls who seemed really neutral and not excited at all) 3) She rejects you. So once you realize its always the same and have done a couple of hundred approaches its really no big deal. I also meditate before I go out which helps a bit to get you in a relaxed state of mind. But at the end of the day you just gotta do it!

Im at a point right now where if I walk out of the gym drenched in sweat and dressed like a bum… and I see a hot piece of ass… then I WILL approach. I dont approach every hot girl I see but I have conditioned myself to approach in certain situations and I almost always approach a girl in that situation if I really like her. There is an article at The Guardian with the science behind this. Once you have done it many times you just know whats gonna happen and what youre gonna say… competence breeds confidence.

The Approach 

With the approach I like to keep it real simple and go direct. I dont like indirect as it can waste my time. I have spent 20 minutes talking to girls about some crap I dont care about like art exhibitions and then when I drop the SOI they blurt out they have a boyfriend and bail. You can avoid this with direct. However a direct approach has 2 big disadvantages:

1) you cant do it when there are too many people around (Ive had bystanders literally crash my sets)
2) you cant do it when youre in a bus or some similar situation. You can make the girl reeeeally uncomfortable and its totally miscalibrated (I went as far as dropping the infamous apocalypse owner on the cashier girl in my neighborhood video store… renting videos was a bit awkward after that!)

So in those situations youre better off doing indirect. However I used to play around with indirect for a while and I dont really like it so I will usually just pass over those girls. Unless I see a really hot chick then I might go for something situational/indirect to get talking to her. But my bread and butter is really the classic direct on a girl walking in the streets.

Of course ideally you would have a different indirect stack so you can approach in any situation… but frankly I dont care I dont wanna be some blackbelt-daygame guru I just wanna pull enough girls so I can have a good sexlife. And a solid direct stack is enough for that I believe.

Finding your Niche / Choosing Targets

This is a two-part section. First about finding your niche… it took me years to find a niche. I always heard people talk about this concept but I could never find any commonalities in the girls that really like me, they were all over the place. But now I have found a good niche… BLACK GIRLS! Its genius because around here they are a minority and the white guys dont even look at them. Yet I believe they loooove the white boys. So when a handsome fella like me comes around, drops a solid daygame approach (which is a rarity in itself!) the whole effect multiplies. So Ive gotten real good results with black girls and I like them too… big booties and those dick-sucking-lips whats not to like? So its a win-win situation.

So you might wanna play around a little bit until you find your niche. I used to approach pretty much everything but nowadays Im very selective because I dont like getting rejected all the time (feelsbadman). So I go for black girls, asians, latina types, arab girls and eastern euriopeans. I live in Germany and avoid German girls like the plague since they tend to be stuck up cunts lool. So anyway, you will find out yourself over time what works for you.

For choosing targets, I go only for solo-girls who walk alone and who are not in a crowd of people. It works for me, keeps my AA down and I think its also more relaxed for the girl you have to think about her too. If you drop a direct and shes surrounded by people that can make her really uncomfortable!

Location, Location, Location…

This is BIG! If you live in a small-ass town then you cant properly do my kind of daygame. I live in a city with 600k people and thats reaaaaally pushing it size-wise. I have become very selective about approaching because you can burn out such a small place easily. Im not shitting you but theres a girl around here and I have approached her FOUR TIMES already over the years. Just a couple of weeks ago I managed to approach the same girl twice in ONE DAY! Ok I have to admit Im kind of an idiot and have a hard time remembering faces… but still these small towns make it hard, you always run into the same people.

So ideally you would live in a big city with many many hot girls and lots of foot traffic. I used to live in Prague, the capitol of the czech republic for a while and that was daygame heaven! 1,2 million inhabitants, tons of tourists and hordes of gorgeous girls from all over eastern europe! It was great I could literally stumble out of my apartment and fall over hot girls left and right. I credit this place for taking my game to the next level simply because there were so many opportunities and I could build a lot of confidence with really hot girls.

Where am I going with this? Well move to a big city duh! Us players work in the shadows and we need the anonymity of a big city. Also you might wanna cycle through your locations. If you hang out at the same mall every day people will start recognizing you. You dont wanna be “that guy” who runs around and hits on every hot chick… well you wanna be that guy but you dont wanna be RECOGNIZED as that guy!

Playing the numbers…

This is another biggie. Lots of people fuck around and simply dont approach enough. And then they bitch and moan that they cant get laid. Now what if I tell you I literally found the holy grail in game… that takes care of ALL your problems… and provides you with a never ending flow of sweet, delicious poosay?

Well that holy grail is simple… just approach a LOT. And I mean a lot. All kinds of players have talked about this. Mystery recommended approaching 50 girls a week. Paul Janka talks about his “industrial” style of game (he approaches a metric fuckton!). CJ recommends multiplying whatever you do times 3 or 4. So if you hit on 10 girls a week… do 30-40.

This is HUGE! It has so many benefits. Heres what this will do for you:
– You get tons of new leads in your phone. You really start to develop an abundance mindset
– Your vibe and behaviour will shift. You stop putting girls on a pedestal since you interact with so many of them
– You numb yourself out to AA and it becomes a non-issue
– Your subconscious will get bombarded with so much input… it will start seeing patterns and making connections
– You start getting picky and quickly screening chicks. Are they hot enough? How quick can you bang them?
– You will get poosay!

So this kinda ties in with Location, location, location… You have to live in a bigger city to do this or you will burn the place out in no time! But if you live in a big city… well then go out and go nuts!

Seriously guys I cant stress this enough, the answer to pussy-abundance is NOT some flashy routine or some subliminal hypnosis tapes… its just approaching many many girls.

Day 2 or Getting the Bang

Ok so now you got tons of numbers in your phone and its time to meet these girls and close the deal. This is the part where all the daygame material I studied falls apart, nobody even mentions dates, so wtf should you do?

Well dont worry I got your back pal, Ill share my proven day2 recipe with you. Again, no fireworks or ninja-tricks here… just KISS Keep it simple stupid.

So first of all you need good logistics. Like our bro Napoleon said “Amateurs study strategy, professionals study logistics”. The guy conquered almost all of Europe so he knows what hes talking about (we have it easy, were just trying to conquer some pussy)! Good logistics are KEY for getting the bang as quick as possible. And I just assume here you want to bang on the first date and not wait for multiple dates like a chump, do you ??

Take the girl to a spot close to your place. Like a bar or in the daytime to a park. Dont be an idiot (like me!) and meet her at the other end of town in her neighborhood. If you have no clue where to take her and she lives with 10 cockblocking roomates… well you wont get the bang! Also if she flakes its no big deal. Youre just sitting at home and can go on with your day, you just havent wasted a 30 minute drive to get stood up by some flaky ho.

So anyway. You take her to a spot close to your place. You do some sexual framing (check out CJ sexual framing course!). Im not a pro at this but its important to sexualize the interaction. Make it clear youre not a chump who wants to hold her hands and be her boyfriend. Youre here to lay some pipe! (You can still become her boyfriend later on if you want). If possible, get some alcohol into here. Just talk about all kinds of bullshit and pretend you care about what she has to say. At some point.. go for the make out. Then bounce to your place. Proceed with sex.

Ok I realize this is not really a rigid step-by-step plan but its pretty much impossible to hold your hand for 1-2 hours during the date. So just really keep it simple… good logistics, some sexual framing, let her yak (pretend to listen), makeout, bounce to your place, sex. If she shows up for a date then she should be DTF! I had big problems with girls coming to dates and then they didnt want to fuck they just wanted to waste my time. But this doesnt happen anymore and I believe its because I carry myself different and make it clear Im a shameless pervert who wants the bang. So this is just another thing that will come with experience.

So there you got, simple steps to get you the bang. You can just rinse and repeat and get more girls. Im banging two right now and Im about to crack the third soon and Im not even approaching much… I have done less than 50 approaches this year + some online game on the side. Like I said I live in a small city and Im kinda paranoid about burning the place out (plus Im probably the laziest mofo on the planet!) but you can easily scale it up and build a bigger harem too.

So yeah thats it… if you like it (or hate it!)… drop me a comment, call me names or whatever.

Yours truly,

P.S. Big shoutout to the amazing people running this site and all the great minds Ive learned so much from… you guys probably know who you are!

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